Testing for Leaking Shower Recess

An easy way of testing for leaks in a shower recess. 1. Firstly you’ll need dry the shower recess and block the drain. The easiest way to do this is to apply a waterproof tape over the drain grate. I use duct tape. It’s cheap, sticks well and is waterproof . 2. Make sure the dye can’t […]

Electrical Wiring

Form over Function. When does the bathroom design overrule the bathroom function? When designing your bathroom you need to have a good understanding about the function of your room. Your bathroom should work well and give you an enjoyable experience. It needs to meet your needs and be as pleasant as possible while staying within the budget. Your […]

Asbestos Identification

How to tell the difference between Asbestos Fibro and modern day Villaboard. Asbestos Fibro Sheeting compared to modern day Villaboard. What they look like and what they break like. DO NOT break anything that you think could be Asbestos unless it is fully wet down by soaking overnight in a bucket of water. I am […]