asbestos removalHow to identify Asbestos in your home or business.

Bonded Asbestos or Friable Asbestos.

Asbestosis and your Health.

Asbestos Removal.

Information About Asbestos and it’s whereabouts in you home.

  • Did you know that Asbestos was continually used in building materials up until 1986!
  • Asbestos was allowed in other products till 2003! Automotive parts, Heat Insulation, etc.
  • Fibro contained Asbestos until 1982, and roofing materials until 1984.
  • Products produced prior to these dates may have been stored for later use in buildings!
  • There is no simple testing procedure for Asbestos. Microscopic laboratory analysis is required.
  • Kent Cigarettes used 100% Asbestos Fibre Filters in their smokes during the early to mid 1950’s.
  • Mechanics are Mesothelioma prone because of the asbestos used in brake pad manufacture.
  • Ship builders sometimes could not see through the asbestos dust in the hull during ship construction!
  • There are two types of consumer asbestos – Bonded (hard) and Friable (loose)

Asbestos Information can be found almost anywhere. So get as much of that information as you can until you know what material your dealing with and its hazards.
Information about Asbestos is growing worldwide. The number of health cases reported is declining, but the scare tactics are getting worse with misleading information and handling procedures.

The rules for disposing asbestos in your state or territory vary as well. This can lead to combined information and over caution. (just to be safe)

Asbestos IS NOT the killer that everyone thinks it is.

Everyone in the western world has been in contact with Asbestos at some stage of the lives.
I remember playing with Fibro to make Tree Houses.

We have used so much of the stuff, the ‘Housing Industry Association of NSW’ estimates the clean up will take 300 Years at the current rate of disposal.

Types of asbestos and your health. Asbestos testing kits related information.