Bathroom Ideas

By | May 18, 2014

 What are the BEST Bathroom Ideas for layout?

And How to design your bathroom.


4 Corners is the best bathroom idea if your using a Bath, Shower, Vanity and Toilet all in the one room.

This way each unit gets it’s own corner to use. 4 corner bathrooms are the most versatile when it comes to layout style.

The below styles are assuming that the shower cannot be moved, but the other items are movable.

Toilet seating direction

When planing a bathroom that has 4 corners to use, it’s best to start with the toilet (WC). Get that in the most suitable position so your no likely to be surprised by someone walking in unexpected. It needs to be close to the door for privacy. If someone tries to open the door you can hold it with your hand and stop it from opening. If your far away you may not be able to stop someone coming in. If you do need to have it far from the door, consider having a privacy panel beside it to keep you partially screened from view.

Vanity and Mirror Placement

Vanity Position is wherever you feel best standing looking at a wall. Your vanity should be placed on an open wall without windows or doors directly behind you. If you have a door behind you, people will see you checking makeup or brushing teeth! Windows behind you will blind you with the light reflecting into your eyes. This makes it hard to see yourself.


Your bath would be best suited where there is an open space on the wall for your towel rail. It’s not nice to have to walk across the bathroom to get your towel in the middle of winter. You’ll want your towel nice and close. Drainage for your bath can be hidden underneath the bath and travel to the waste pipe without being seen.

Bathroom ideas for medium sized Bathrooms