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Bathroom Design Ideas for your individuality

Your Bathroom Design Ideas will be unique to you and your existing home layout. Open and airy, cosy and warm, cool and calm, the choices are endless. Deciding on a theme needs to be done before you dip into your finances. Wall and Floor Tiling will be the deciding factor.

Many people are seeking the next big bathroom design revolution and spending big on a style that will concrete the time they did it. Most cheaper bathroom renovations are geared toward contemporary design that will last many years and keep your budget intact. The first choice is Tile Colour. The safest choice is WHITE. With white tiles you can dress the room in any decor you choose. It will always look fresh and clean and will not date as easily as a specific trend. White tiles are also cheaper because of the large quantity the tile shops sell. You can also dress it up with subtle and discreet use of additional colours, borders or individual motifs.


Google SketchUp
Totally FREE program for Windows and Mac. It provides you with everything you need to design your bathroom or kitchen.
You can even walk through your design in full colour and show your creation to friends and family.

building basinTaps3D finished bathroomBath

Most of your colour will come from removable accessories that you add as you wish. Things like towels and flowers have a dramatic impact on the overall theme. Curtains and mats can produce any amount of colour you wish. White walls will make the room look larger and the accent colours will stand out. The best part is you can change the whole look in a matter of minutes with just a few ‘nick nacks’ or new towels.


Theme Bathroom Design Ideas – vibrant and inviting colour

Bathroom Design Ideas for Easy DIY. Well you don’t have to be a bathroom designer to get a very satisfying result. A simple makeover on a strict budget can reap tremendous results.

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