DIY Water Tanks

By | April 2, 2013

DIY Water Tanks 1000 litre

How would you like to Save Water with a Water Tank that you can put anywhere and costs less than you water bill?

My Water Tank 1

Here is a great idea for a Water Tank.

Throw the Tank in the car and take it home. It comes in a box about 1500 cm long and about 30 x 30 cm square. It does weigh a bit and a two person lift is recommended. If you have a split fold rear seat, you’ll get the Tank in the car no trouble at all.

Mitre 10‘ are selling these tanks in most of their stores across the country. And they’re cheap.
You can find a store via this link

Under $150 with everything you need to assemble, it including the water tank cover.

It’s about time somebody produced an Affordable DIY Water Tank. Not just develop them for third world countries but for the local market as well.

Handy Tank Logo

So if your looking for an affordable DIY Water Tank, you can’t go past these.
The tanks come in various sizes and can be put anywhere there is a flat surface.

They can be linked together as well to create and endless quantity of stored tank water. The tanks have a connection on each side to link them together. They are also portable. So your Water Tank can move with you or be relocated anywhere you like. Empty the tank and take the tank to it’s new position. Easy.

So don’t put it off, put that ‘K Rudd’ Money to good use with a tank. Australia Will benefit as well as your DIY self.

Connecting the DIY Water Tanks together gives you some amazing options.


This is the perfect solution for installing the DIY Water Tank on level ground.

If you connect the DIY Tanks together at the bottom they will have the exact same levels of water in each.

The Water Tanks can be any distance apart. From 100 mm to several Meters.

If there are additional tanks they can be connected in the same manner to make an unlimited water supply.  If you connect 5 Water Tanks together, you get 5,000 litres of storage for less than $750.

Remember these Tanks weigh around about one metric ton. (1,000 kg)



The diagram on the RIGHT is the correct connection to use if you plan to install your DIY Water Tanks on uneven ground

HandyTank also have a web site here. Water Tanks