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Google SketchUp
Totally FREE program for Windows and Mac. It provides you with everything you need to design your bathroom or kitchen.
You can even walk through your design in full colour and show your creation to friends and family.

sketchup_lrg    building     3D finished bathroomDesign your home

Design your bathroom


Add custom 3D fittings and accessories to create an individual style.
3D Objects are available from most suppliers like, Dorf, Westinghouse, etc. Design your bathroom with all the newest materials and unlimited colours.


Express Accounts free software.

Track your Spending!
This is a free version for windows. Much the same as MYOB or Quickbooks without the price tag, and much simpler. You’ll be able to keep a good record of your costs and budget.
A nice small download that is fully featured



SERIF DrawPlus 4 has all the power and tools you need to create you bathroom layout and more. Draw shapes, rooms, striking text and artistic masterpieces.

Download the PDF Booklet

Avoid Building SCAMS

Download the Dept of Fair Trading Scam Booklet. It tells you everything you need to know on avoiding scams and how to report them. This is in PDF Format.