Electrical Wiring

By | May 29, 2014

Form over Function.

When does the bathroom design overrule the bathroom function?

When designing your bathroom you need to have a good understanding about the function of your room. Your bathroom should work well and give you an enjoyable experience. It needs to meet your needs and be as pleasant as possible while staying within the budget. Your electrical wiring  needs to be done no matter what. Setting it out the right way doesn’t cost you any more, it just makes sense to do.


Electricity Kills

Where has the power point gone.

Before you finalise the design of your bathroom and buy fittings, get the professionals in. I still do, even after 30 years of renovating. I don’t know the electrical regulations enough to to decide what goes where. And I don’t try to remember them. I know the general do’s and don’ts. But regulations and product specifications change all the time. New fittings are always changing the way we do things. Lights are now commonly LED types and require less space and generate less heat. Exhaust fans are ducted out of the house, not just out of the bathroom and into the roof cavity.  Ask the electrician what he or she would recommend and why. But, just because they recommend it, doesn’t mean it’s right for you. If they suggest a four power outlet near the mirror, ask why. There is probably a good explanation, and one you never thought of.

In today’s modern world we have a lot of corded and cordless appliances. These need some form of power or charging system available.

For instance.

  • Rechargeable Shavers
  • Electric Toothbrushes
  • Hair clippers and trimmers
  • Plug in air fresheners
  • Night lights
  • Hair Dryers
  • Curlers and Straighteners

Almost all of your needs are met some way by electrical appliances. If you need at least one of these plugged in all the time then you’ll need at least another power point free. If your bathroom is for him and her, consider a double power point each side of the vanity. It’s a low cost mistake not having that extra power point where you need it. It also prevents foolish behaviour with electricity. Remember ‘one flash and your ash’.

Here are a few mistakes to consider. : )