General Advice

The 5 essential renovation rules for success

Rule No 1
This is a MUST DO.

At the end of each day Clean Up.
Stop half an hour before you’ve had enough and clean up. You’ll find that your renovation will seem less stressful if you start each day with a clean room to work in. It may sound like a simple task, but if overlooked, your enthusiasm will fade when you wake up and see the mess from the day before and need to spend half an hour cleaning up before you can start on the real work.


Rule No 2

Ask and you shall receive!
There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers. If your not sure about anything, be humble and ask someone you can trust. Ring around and soon you’ll know as much as a pro. Read as well. You’ll find new ideas and tips all the time. This is fixabathroom’s main reasons for success.

Rule No 3
Plan each days work.

You must have a goal for each day to make that day a success.  Plan ahead, and give yourself enough time to do the job right. Don’t overcommit and think that your going to rip out the whole bathroom in one day. You’ll feel as though you have failed if you start to fall behind. Even a professional would allow for at least some things to take longer or go wrong.

Careful planning and putting your hand up when you need advice is essential. Planning will make the job run smoothly and eliminate much of the down time associated with problems found during the renovation. But, not all events can be planned for, so allow time for them just in case.

Rule No 4
Know your Work Area.

Monday morning and all is well. Your enthusiastic and well prepared. You jump right in and start to rip things out. You start to undo the Vanity Taps and pull off the Vanity Top. You then realise that the pipes are soldered to the Taps. You run out the front and turn off the water, run back in and cut off the pipes. But now you have no water to use on the job until you get plumber in to seal off the pipes!

Look around your bathroom. Think to your self, how your going to remove each individual item. How heavy is it?. How is it attached to the wall? Is there Electricity connected to it?  Are there pipes connected to it? Is it a hazardous material?

Rule No 5
Keep to  your Budget.

When your shopping for new items for your new bathroom, it’s easy to get too enthusiastic and buy the more expensive one. Not only does it look better, but it will probably last longer. Well, if you rob Peter to pay Paul, Peter will need to make do on a lesser budget. If your going to spend over the budget, spend it on items that are fixed in position. Taps are not permanently fixed items and cost peanuts to remove and install. But, a bathtub would cost more just to pull out, than it’s initial purchase price.

Wall tiles can be very cheap to buy. They don’t need the durability of floor tiles. Floor tiles need to look good AND perform well. So budget buying wall tiles and saving a few dollars makes perfect sense.