Heated Towel Rails

By | July 6, 2013

Heated Towel Rails and Drying Ideas.
Heated towel rails are becoming more common place these days.

But there is more to a heated towel rails than just the purchase price.

Heated towel rails require an electrician to install them. And before the towel rail gets installed, the wiring needs to be in place behind the wall.
Most towel rail heaters use a very low amount of watts. But they are on continuously turned on and costs add up over time. It’s like leaving the lights on in a room for 24 hours 7 days a week. Ouch!

Some come with a switch that is added to you power point socket so you can turn it off in summer and save a few cents. Check with the sales person about what type would suit you better and who they can recommend to install it. They should be able to give you a fairly accurate price for the whole cost. Purchase Price, Electricians costs and other possible costs like switches or removal of your old towel rail.
If you have existing tiles where the rail will go, you’ll need to advise them of this as well. If the Electrician has to drill through porcelain tiles the cost will increase. If it’s going on a painted wall or brickwork the costs will differ. So think about where you want the heated towel rail and if there are any problems fitting it there.
First check will be electrical wiring close by. ( a power point or light switch on the same wall and how far away it is.)
Second check is what type of wall your putting it on. ( Brick, Tile, Painted Wall Board, Ect )
Third check would be how much room you have for the heated towel rail. (Height and Length)
Happy Shopping.