Mosaics Comeback Again

By | April 15, 2013

Are mosaics making a comeback, or have they never left?

Mosaic Tiles have always been around. They go back centuries and haven’t really changed in all that time. The patterns have varied along with colours ant textures, but they remain as a very versatile form of covering. Not only can

mosaics mould and flow to differing shapes and slopes, but they still look amazing and modern. Adding the wow factor to a bathroom renovation is easy for the average DIY Renovator wanting to impress. Mosaic Tiling will be a cheap addition if you shop around and have the correct measurements. Remember that mosaic tiling uses far less in waste. Around half your average allowance of 5-10%. So a 5 meter square wall will need only 3-5% waste. Always check with your supplier about how much you need though. Give them exact measurements and you’ll be safe. Remember to include window and door sizes that don’t need tiles.