Bathroom Ideas

 What are the BEST Bathroom Ideas for layout? And How to design your bathroom. 4 Corners is the best bathroom idea if your using a Bath, Shower, Vanity and Toilet all in the one room. This way each unit gets it’s own corner to use. 4 corner bathrooms are the most versatile when it comes to layout […]

Heated Towel Rails

Heated Towel Rails and Drying Ideas. Heated towel rails are becoming more common place these days. But there is more to a heated towel rails than just the purchase price. Heated towel rails require an electrician to install them. And before the towel rail gets installed, the wiring needs to be in place behind the […]

Round Floor Wastes

Love the look of that round floor waste?  Think again! Round floor wastes have been used since drains were invented. The problem these days is that manufacturing costs have been cut and that means quality is sometimes lost. The main issue is the lip around the outside of the waste. This lip is all that […]

Mosaics Comeback Again

Are mosaics making a comeback, or have they never left? Mosaic Tiles have always been around. They go back centuries and haven’t really changed in all that time. The patterns have varied along with colours ant textures, but they remain as a very versatile form of covering. Not only can