Round Floor Wastes

By | April 17, 2013

Love the look of that round floor waste?  Think again!


Round floor wastes have been used since drains were invented. The problem these days is that manufacturing costs have been cut and that means quality is sometimes lost. The main issue is the lip around the outside of the waste. This lip is all that is holding the waste in position. As soon as you stand on the waste it will crush the bed under it and sink. Once it sinks there are numerous problems that can occur. Firstly, the sharp tile edges are dangerous and will cut your feet very easily. Secondly, the floor waste may damage the waterproofing under it. If your bathroom or ensuite is upstairs this can lead to costly repairs. Lastly, it’s a trip hazard that can lead to injury and damage the tiles around the waste.


If you have a sunken floor waste, 100% chance it’s round!
If you use this type of floor waste make sure it’s glued in and not just grouted in. If you glue it in you’ll have no worries about it sinking.