Vinity Makeover

By | April 2, 2013

Bathroom Vanity Remodel for $250

Old Vanity

Here’s a DIY Makeover to jazz up an old Vanity

The original Vanity that just doesn’t have a WOW factor in this bathroom anymore. I want to create more bench space and drag the bathroom into the current design trends.

But, I’m going to be very different. I’ll use materials that are a bit out of the ordinary and relatively cheap. And I think my first stop will be Ebay.

We’re looking for simple ideas and money saving tips.

With ‘BANG FOR BUCK’ results.0

Glass Vanity Bowl

Picked up a new vanity bowl for $68.00 Registered Delivery

This is where the original idea came from.
Our DIY Bathroom renovation idea was getting out of hand. The ideas were running wild and spiraling into added costs.
How about keeping the cabinet of the old vanity and just replacing the top and taps? This would make the job small enough and keep the costs down to at least half the price of a new vanity.

The Bathroom has Green Floor Tiles and that was not going to change. So something that would compliment the colours but add a bit of pizzazz……
I’m sure this would help any vanities fix it up.

Bamboo Vanity top             Basin Mixer

The idea of just replacing the Vanity top made sense. The cabinet was still in very good condition. Just a change for the Gold handles to Chrome and that’s it for the cabinet.

The top of the vanity was a hard decision to make. Should we just use a pre-finished bench or start from scratch. Looking at all the different choices of materials we soon found out about Bamboo. What a lovely material! It has a nice fine grain and continuous fibres for unbelievable strength. I’ve seen floors made of bamboo and liked them more than traditional timbers. This particular bamboo comes from Bunnings. It retails for $7.95 per length. It measures 1920mm long, 65mm wide and 15mm thick. The length is perfect for our project and the 65mm width means we need 9 lengths. 7.95 x 9 =$71.55 – Cheap!

A new Mixer Tap

This is the sort of style we think would look best and not take away from the bowl. Simple one handed operation with good looks.

The idea of using a mixer will make installation and positioning a lot easier. Two taps and a spout would look OK, but this is simplistic and clean.

DIY led ring light

A Vanity with a TWIST?

Because the Vanity Bowl is Glass, a soft glow from LED Lights would give it the PIZZAZZ we’re after. But instead of buying a kit and having too much light under the bowl, I’m going to make a simple ring with multi coloured light to colour the vanity a bit more.